We Will Handle All Your Insurance Dealings- 

Deductible Forgiveness and Free Rental Car With Most Insurance Claims.

Ricks Auto Repair & Body Shop
24 Hours Towing Service, Call Chub's Towing at 972-771-4451
-Complete Collison Center and Paint -Frame Repair and Uni-Body

-State Inspections

-Fuel Pump  -Fuel System Diagnosis 

-Fuel System Repair  -O2 Sensor Replacement 

-CV Axle Replacements  -Wheel Bearing and Hub Replacements 

-Transmission Fluid and Filter Replacements  -Oil Pan Gasket Replacement 

-Leaky/Leaking Hoses  -Tune Ups (plugs, wires, caps, rotors, coil   overs) 

-Timing Belts  -Serpentine Belts 

-Water Pump Belts  -A/C Belts 

-Tie Rods  -Coolant System Repairs 

-Vacuum Leak Repairs  -Intake Gasket Replacement 

-A/C Compressor Replacement  -A/C Evaporator Replacement 

-A/C Condenser Core Replacement  -A/C Leak Detection and Repair 

-Electrical Diagnosis and Repair  -Water Pumps 

-Wheel Cylinders  -Brakes 

-Oil Changes  -Head Gaskets 

-Alternators  -Starters 

-Ignitions/ Ignition Coils  -Charge A/C 

-Relays -Horn  -Power Steering Pumps 

-Window Motors and Door latches  -Heater Cores 

-Thermostats  -Oil and fuel filter changes 

-Radiator Service  -Hoses 

-Fix Leaks  -Changing out lights 

-ABS (anti-lock brake systems)  -Check engine lights 

We are quick, competitive, and the best in the Body and Paint Industry. 

            Before                                        After 

Got a passion for the Classics? We also do car restorations!


Perfect Color Match 

   Our State of the Art Side Draft Paint Booth Offers a Clean, Particle Free Environment Which Allows for a Top Notch Paint Job.

At Rick's Auto Repair and Body Shop, We Use PPG Paint Mixing System That Offers the Best Paint and Color Configurations. The PPG System Provides Thousands of Paint Colors That are Custom Mixed to Match Your Vehicle's Color and Finish.                                                                                            
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