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Experienced Mechanics

Rick's Auto Service Center was founded in 1987. At Rick's customers are treated with compassion and care. Alex who has been running the shop since 2008 carried out the Rick's Auto tradition of customer satisfaction, honesty, and integrity. He is well known in the automotive industry and has been servicing vehicles in Garland for twenty five years. Our top mechanic Cliff, has 30 years worth of mechanical experience on all makes and models, and he is certified by ASE Since the 80s and MIDD for many years.  All other mechanic have been trained right here at Rick's Auto by Alex himself!

Top of The Line Body Shop

Our body shop is equipped with state of the art Paint Booth, Frame machine, and PPG Mixing System. We offer repairs from Rust repair, wielding, PDR, and many other means to make your vehicle look brand new from the dealer! We make sure all paint / body work is at Rick's level of perfection with a quality check on every car.  

Our Quality Promise

 Whether you're coming in for a routine inspection or a repair service, we promise that you will be completely satisfied with our work. We provide 12-month warranties with all of our  mechanic services and a lifetime warranty for all paint and or body services for your peace of mind.  We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. 

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301 N. First St, Garland, T 75040, US Texas

PHONE: (972) 276-6438 PHONE 2: (972) 276-4295 FAX: (972) 487-1288 EMAIL: RICKSAUTOTEXAS@GMAIL.COM


There is no need to call ahead or make an appointment, just come on in!

Body and Paint Shop

our body shop's state of the art equipment

Our Measuring System

Here at Rick's we have PPG mixing system. PPG’s global color database of over two million formulas can be quickly accessed by our PaintManager software program. We have 100% color match. All our body and paint jobs have Life Time Warranty.  

Our Frame Machine

Our body shop is also equipped with a Hunter Measuring System and Star-A-Liner / Cheetah Frame Machines Offer The Highest Value In Quality And Affordability. Made in USA.

Our Paint booth

  The heated downdraft paint booth is a full-sized paint booth that is designed to fit any car or truck. Fresh air is heated by the direct-fired air make up unit and pushed down through a full-plenum filtered ceiling giving the best paint job possible.  

Our Services

A/C Belt

A/C Compressor

A/C Condenser Core

A/C Diagnostic

A/C Evaporator

A/C Leak Detection

Air Up Tires



Ball joints

Before Purchas Check



CV Axle Replacement

Charge A/C

Check Fluids

Coolant System


Electrical Repair

Engine Mounts

Frame Repair and Uni-Body

Fuel Pump Diagnostics

Fuel System

Fuel System Repair / Replacement

Head Gaskets

Ignition Coils


Intake Gasket

Leaking Hoses,Wires,Caps,Rotors,Coil Overs

O2 Sensor

Oil Changes

Oil Pan Gasket

Serpentine Belts


State Inspection


Sway Bar

Sway Bar End Links

Sway bar bushings

Timing Belt

Tire Rod Ends

Tire Rod Repair

Tire Rods


Transmission Fluid and Filter Replacement

Tune Ups

Vacuum Leak Repairs

Water Pump

Water Pump Belts

Wheel Bearing and Hub

Wheel Cylinders


our repair shop's state of the art equipment

Our Laser Hunter Alignment Machine

Other wheel alignment machines don’t come close to matching the accuracy and precision of our hunter laser wheel alignment machine. we guarantee that your vehicles alignment will come out perfect every time.

Our Autel Code reader

We read and define all codes with the help of this top of the line OBD II reader. Autel is different then any other OBD II because it has a ton more features to find any and all problems with any and all vehicles manufactured after 1996!

Our System1 Texas Emissions Inspection Analyzer

With our State Certified State Inspection machine we can properly and legally inspect all vehicles manufactured after 1996. This top of the line set up helps us with your speedy inspection and printout! 

our towing and shuttle service

our rental car services

With Rick's

Depending on the rental the the price can range anywhere from $10 to $40 a day. With most insurance companies, they cover the price of rental. We have 5 vehicles for rent, all come with: Cold A/C, Power Windows, Power Steering, Adjustable Seats, Nice Speakers, and Radio! Some come with: Power seats, Trunk Space, Back Seats! All Rentals will receive a full detail before you receive them, this means they will be spotless inside and out with a full tank of gas!

Guide Lines

In order for you to rent a car from us you must, Have a valid drivers license, valid insurance, and finally be 18 years of age or older. When returning the rental it must have the same amount of gas it left with or you will be charged. You are under oath to tell us any and all damage that happened to the rental in your possession if any. Finally, we give rentals to big jobs only, I.E insurance claims, engine swaps, transmission jobs, and any other job where you will be without a car for days. Any small job you will just be shuttled to and from the shop for free!

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